Sheldon's Specialties

People Utilization

Need help seeing which person is best suited for the job? Sheldon can do that!

People Management

Need to figure out who is available at a rate that works best for the project? Sheldon can help with that!

Revenue Tracking

Need a quick glance at your company’s project revenue to see if you are on track or not? Sheldon can help with that!

Planned vs Actuals

Need to see if your project is going as planned? Sheldon can help with that!

Time Tracking

Need a simple way to track your time against a project? Sheldon can help with that!


Need a way simple way to invoice your clients according to the job? Sheldon can help with that!

The reason behind why projects fail!

One of the #1 questions on all business owners minds is, why did that project fail? It could be a variety of reasons really. Download this infographic to find out why your project failed and how Sheldon can help.

What clients have to say...

“Overall Sheldon really stands out in a good way. There’s a lot of poorly considered UX out there in the time tracking space. So, I feel lucky to be “stuck” with Sheldon. Well done!”

Stefan Dickerson

“I switched to Sheldon from another tool and I love it”

Rance Young

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