Sheldon's Specialties

People Utilization

Need help seeing which person is best suited for the job? Sheldon can do that!

People Management

Need to figure out which person is available at a rate that works best for the project? Sheldon can help with that!

Revenue Tracking

Need a quick glance at your company’s revenue to see if you are on track or not? Sheldon can help with that!

Planned vs Actuals

Need to see if your project is going as planned? Sheldon can help with that!

Time Tracking

Need a simple way to track your time against a project? Sheldon can help with that!


Need a way simple way to invoice your clients according to the job? Sheldon can help with that!

The reason behind why projects fail!

One of the #1 questions on all business owners minds is, why did that project fail? It could be a variety of reasons really. Download this infographic to find out why your project failed and how Sheldon can help.

Sheldon will help by...

  • Setting up your projects
  • Building you a plan of attack
  • Making sure you stick to the plan

Sheldon will provide you with a organized platform that will allow you to easily input your company name, logo, address and working days/hours. Then enter in your employees or contractors with their availability and rates.

Next, add your first customer, project and roles for the project. Once you have those, you and your resources can start logging time and tracking your revenue!


Sheldon wants you to stay on track and achieve your goals. To do this you will need to build a plan by assigning resources to your current and upcoming projects. You will need to set the amount of time you expect each resource to spend and then let Sheldon do the rest!
As you build your plan, Sheldon will try to warn you if you might go over budget before you even start by analysing the rates of resources assigned to the project plan.

Sheldon will set up a dashboard for you that will show you information about each of your resources and projects. This will help you understand if you are using the right resource for the right projects and if you are running out of budget so that you can adjust accordingly.
He will even tell you if your resources are spending their time according to your plan and if your projects are making as much as they should be.

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