Sheldon has just started his journey of helping great companies like yours plan projects efficiently. Join him as he creates amazing features to help you get better value for all the hard work that you do.

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People Utilization

You have built this really great team of people that all have different rates because of their individual specialties. Depending on the project that you are planning to take on, or have already taken on, you will be able to utilize your resources by knowing who is available at what time at a rate that fits in your overall budget.

This is done by examining…


In order to stay within the project budget you will need to choose the person that will allow you to do so by reviewing each resources rate.

Project Projections Details

This feature will give you a reminder of the project details and what you have set as goals for your project.

Project Goals Details

Since you are a so organized within Sheldon you have set specific goals for each of your projects. By reviewing these details you will be able to know which person is available to help with the project to hit the deadlines.

People Management

As your project is being worked it is important that you keep up with what people are working on and when they are working on it. This will ensure you that the people that you selected are the right one for the project and are helping you stay on track towards your goals.

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Real-time Tracking

As employees track their time within Sheldon, you will be able to see who is working on what deliverable and if the project is on track.

Employee Time Tracking

This is a great way to see if your project is on track and your employees are working on the milestones of the project in the order they are designed to be done in order to meet your goals.

Organized Calendar of Time Entries

Sheldon provides a full calendar view of the time tracking submissions so you have a visual representation of the work being logged.

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Revenue Tracking

Sheldon builds detailed dashboards so that you can cross analyze if you are sticking to your goals and be able to adjust your focus when needed. This way you will always be making the most money in the most effective way.

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Setting Up Realistic And Attainable Goals

With each attained project, develop goals that will help you build your company but also make the most revenue possible. These goals will help you and your team on track towards a successful project and a happy client.

Consistent And Accurate Time Tracking

Ensuring that every time someone is working on a portion of a project that they are tracking their time to the project is very important. Having up-to-date data towards the project will set the basis of if the project will be successful or not.

Budget Tracking

Everything revolves around money in the world of project planning. If the resources that you have working on your project are costing you more than your budget allows, then you need to re-evaluate your planning approach.

Planned vs. Actual

This feature allows you to see if your employees are spending the amount of time you had predicted they would be on a specific part of the project. This type of analysis will directly affect your revenue as it gives you insight into what is working and what is not.

This is done by…

Easily Create Project Timeline Forecast

Be able to see ahead for potential projects to know if you have enough employees and time to be able to do a project before even agreeing to take the project on.

Compare Actual Performance Against Planed

A detailed dashboard will be built as your work on a project so that you can track the progress of the project and analyze against the plan that you made.

Maximize Revenue By Managing Employee Allocation

Depending on the budget set for each project this will determine which employee you should utilize for the project. A fully capable employee that works at a lower rate than another who is available might be a better option to use instead of someone more expensive.

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Time Tracking

It can be a boring, but it pays the bills! Time tracking is the cornerstone to how all of the great features that Sheldon has to offer become possible. Having up-to-date time tracking not only allows you know how much time an employee has spent on a project but also tells you how much you need to invoice the client.

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People Management

If a resource is scheduled to work on a project but is not tracking their time to the project then there is no way to knowing through the system if the project is moving forward. This feature will allow project managers to know who to speak to about what part of the project to ensure that it is moving forward.

Billable Time Entries

You have the ability to set if a time entry is billable or not based on the purpose of the task. This is great for company development or no cost work.

Exportable Reports of Project Progress

Be prepared for your next progress report meeting by building and exporting progress reports right from the system.


Effortlessly make invoices right inside Sheldon! You are able to make detailed invoices for your clients that can be modified for either time-and-material or fixed price projects. By using this invoicing option you are limiting the chance of billing problems and integration headaches by simply taking the data that you have already built and inputting it in a invoice to export.

This is done by…

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Invoicing Clients For Time And Materials or Fixed Price

Not every project is the same and therefore, neither should your invoices. Invoice for the work that you have done in a customizable invoice that is branded to your company.

Export Invoices To PDF

Once your invoice is done it can be easily exported into a PDF for easy distribution to your client.

Detailed Breakdown of Service Per Activity

Some clients may look for more information on their invoices. Since you and your team have been using the time tracking tool, you can pull information from the time logs and include it directly into an invoice.

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