15 Jun

The future of project planning

As work evolves and jobs become more complex so will the job of a project planner. Accommodating the needs of your target market is not going to get any easier and therefore it comes down to if companies have the right tools and automation to do the job right. We believe that the future of project planning is going to be complex.

The top-down employee hierarchy will be no more

We are soon going to start moving away from complected business hierarchies and start moving towards a more linear approach to business. Since technology advances are eliminating mundane jobs individuals will be looking to specialize in a specific portion of their field in order to make themselves valuable again. This means that project planners and operation managers will be looking for more specific skill sets in individuals.

Strategy will be key to success on even the smallest of projects

The age of the “jack of all trades” will be a thing of the past for many industries and therefore when a new project arises there will be a lot of strategy in planning for it’s success. Project planning will focus on the time, resources and budget it needs to be successful. Because individuals will be required to become specialists in their trade it will mean that there will be more resources assigned to a project to fill the gaps that automation and AI cannot do. Strategy will be key!

Social responsibility will be at its highest

With the whole world watching your every move online there will be no such thing as an anonymous contributor to any project. Therefore, businesses will have to be strict with their employees about their social responsibility. People and businesses are looking for companies that show strong ethics, social accountability and are able to be responsible for their employees. This goes the same for projects as well.

Do you have an opinion on what the future will be like for project planning? We would love to hear from you! Comment below!

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