05 Oct

Outsourcing is not a dirty word!

Before you go overworking yourself and making your life miserable you should consider the possibility that you might need to outsource some of your work. To some business owners the whole idea that your business can’t handle everything with the resources that you have but have no means to fix it,  looks as if the business is on the verge of going under. That’s totally not the case!

Outsourcing – the practice of using outside firms [or individuals] to handle work normally performed within a company. (Source: https://www.allbusiness.com/the-benefits-of-outsourcing-for-small-businesses-2-1084-1.html)

Sometimes as a business owner you need to step back and evaluate where the holes are in your business. If this means seeing the overall picture or breaking it down to individual groups or projects then that is fine. But know that whatever hole you have it can be filled.

There is no shortage of individuals all over the world looking for work and outsourcing to those individuals will help you easily fill the gaps in your business. The benefits to outsourcing takes are as follows:

  1. Save some money! Yes, that’s right, outsourcing can actually save you money because you are actually turning what would normally be a fixed cost into a variable cost for your business. You will also save on labour costs. Hiring, training and keeping staff can be expensive!
  2. Increase overall efficiency. When outsourcing you will have a specific person working on the one thing that they specialize in. Therefore, you are getting tasks done quickly and properly the first time.  There is no downtime to train them on the job, they are already a pro! Just give them the task parameters, set your expectations and then them do their thing.
  3. Focus that pent up energy on your business. Every business has limited resources, time and attention. By outsourcing where you need help, you are able to shift your focus over to the tasks that you were hired to do and therefore, build your business faster.
  4. Build competition. Small businesses that are trying to grow have a hard time keeping up with the expectations of them because of bigger companies. By outsourcing you are able to act like a big company while still being a small company.
  5. Less overall risk. There are two ways to reduce risk when outsourcing. You can reduce internal risk because you are outsourcing to someone that you trust and have the flexibility to write your own contract on your own terms. You can reduce outside risk because the professional that you are outsourcing work to knows how to avoid economical risk and be able to suggest the best plan of action when working on a specific task.

Now that you know the benefits to outsourcing you can go ahead and get the help that you need and start growing your business faster and easier. While you are doing that, why not try Sheldon out. Sheldon can actually help you discover those holes in your business and once you fill them, help you manage the people that are working on making you shine!

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