21 Sep

Proper project planning = great customer service

As a service based business, you know that one of the most important parts of your job as an operation manager or project planner is to deliver your project on-time, done well and within budget. By staying consistently organized and up to date on the progress of your current project is key. We at Sheldon believe that proper project planning and management is a leading factor in great customer service.


When your project is organized you are able to provide better customer service to your clients. The reason behind this – you have the information that your client is looking for right at your finger tips. By not making them wait for status reports, budget reports or project timeline reports you are giving them the reassurance that they have indeed made the right decision to come to you for help.

Saving time

When you stay organized from the beginning, you are then able to focus more of your attention towards the project itself making sure that the quality of your work does not dwindle. You also have more time to devote to providing exceptional customer service because you are not focused on continuing to plan the project while it has already started.

Internal communication

All of the responsibility of providing updates to the client doesn’t necessarily need to fall on you. Being organized and having a well thought out plan for your project will actually minimize any type of confusion your team members may have with the status of the project. This takes the pressure off of you so that you can take a sick day or an extra long weekend knowing that the project will still move forward and the client will still be happy.

Believe it or not, Sheldon is designed to help with these pain points exactly. Sheldon actually eliminates the need for large complicated spreadsheets and provides you with a platform that allows you to have all of your project information all in one place! Curious to try? Sign up now!

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