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Team Management Tips and Tricks From Sheldon

Team management is something that has to be learnt and is usually learnt through trial and error. In order to have a healthy team environment, a team leader is required to know the the needs of their team members as well as the needs of the company. Once those two aspects of a team mesh properly, you will start to see great synergy between team members, productivity and results.

Get the results that every team leader looks for when managing their team with these tips and tricks for success.



This is listed on almost every job posting ever written for a reason. Each individual on your team has their own specific strengths. Pulling those strengths together makes a power team. It is proven that majority of individuals work better in a team environment. Therefore, create an environment that your team can easily communicate, collaborate and succeed.

With the increase amount of individuals who are working remotely it might start to become difficult to really collaborate. To deal with this common issue, take advantage of online tools such as Slack, or Facebook Messenger for business. This will open the lines of communication between team members no matter where they are.

Roles and Responsibilities

Through strong organization, roles and responsibilities should be set forth to all members of a team including the leaders. Having two people working on the same task is not an effective use of time or resources. When everyone knows what they should be working on as well as what their co-workers are responsible for, there should never be an overlap in responsibilities.

One way to ensure that there is no overlap if you have a few people on your team with the same talents is to designate a person in the team that would be responsible for the outcome of that portion of the project. Otherwise known as the DRI or Designated Responsible Individual. This tactic works for all sizes of groups but works best when there are a lot of different tasks required of the team members.

Cohesive Leadership

Looking beyond an individual team and looking at a group of leaders in a business, it is very important that there is cohesion between all group leaders. It is important for all leaders to understand that decisions should not be made by themselves but instead as a group working together to achieve one goal. When a leader goes out on their own to work solo, they are not only damaging the team as a whole but affecting the outcomes of the project.

It is the responsibility of the owner or managing leader to keep all team leaders in tact by forming another layer of team management.

Understanding the importance of proper team management is the first step to achieving success within your business. To learn more about how Sheldon can help you manage your team by knowing what each team member is working on at what time and for how long, we encourage you to sign up now.

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