Sheldon is a project planner and always has been. He decided one day that he didn’t like the same old 9-5 life that he has been living so long and decided to branch out on his own. The plan was to start small with his project planning and see where that took him. He wanted to teach others the best way to organize their time and resources in order for them to make the most money possible.

After a little while he figured out that there was a serious need for this type of service so he started to grow! From there he built a team of other really great consultants to share the wealth but he soon realized that he needed a way to not only plan but also manage.

He expanded his services so that could help others with resource utilization and management in a way that he could track and grow revenue. He realized the easiest and best way to do this would be through time tracking and dashboards. He now offers an integrated approach to his clients that allows them to use their resources to their full potential while staying within budget and watching his dashboard grow.

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Disclaimer: Sheldon is not a real person. He is a person that we, the developers, have made up. Sheldon in all reality is a cloud system that does everything that our made up Sheldon can do. We encourage you to try him out!

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